Convert Jpg To Webp

I have just recently learned about the webp image format and its benefits over older formats. I decided to give it a whirl on this site after some testing locally. The conversion was done with defaults, no additional flags. Commands used are as follows:

cwebp file.jpg -o file.webp
gif2webp file.gif -o file.webp (to my surprise, it kept it as an animated image!)

As you can see outside of the animated gif, there is a pretty large size difference!

557K load.gif
547K load.webp

303K noctua_fans.jpg
122K noctua_fans.webp

267K rosewill_case_fan_wall.jpg
113K rosewill_case_fan_wall.webp

255K rosewill_case_front.jpg
101K rosewill_case_front.webp

307K supermicro_bios_cpu_info.jpg
156K supermicro_bios_cpu_info.webp

348K supermicro_motherboard.jpg
161K supermicro_motherboard.webp